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This section addresses indigenous issues in impact assessment, including developing guidelines for the recognition and full inclusion of indigenous concerns in all aspects of impact assessment, traditional knowledge, and impact assessment capacity building for indigenous people. The Aashukan Declaration was adopted by IAIA in 2017.

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Possible session for IAIA 17

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Discussion started by Martin Haefele 4 years ago

Dear all

IAIA 17 will mark the 5th anniversary of the International Best Practice Principles on Respecting Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Knowledge.  I am wondering if there is any interest in having a session at the conference looking at how the principles have (or have not) been used, what difference they have made, how they are applied across different jurisdictions and cultures. 


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Reply posted by Martin Haefele 4 years ago

Thanks Marc

While the Aashukan event is not explicitely about the Best Practice Principles, it is closely related, I think. Do you know what the other two sessions are about?  While it is always good to look at things from different perspectives, we don't want to create too much overlap.


Reply posted by Marc Dunn 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

Just to give you a bit of an update and following up from an email discussion earlier this month. A session will be submitted for next year's conference which will consist of a round-table discussion with regards to the Aashukan event, to be held prior to the conference (for those who are not aware, please refer to the website for more info). The co-chairs will be submitting two additional sessions. My understanding is that this should not prevent others from submitting their own session ideas as well. In hopes that this is clear. Have a great day!

Marc Dunn

Reply posted by Angeles Mendoza Sammet 4 years ago


Let's talk about it.  I will be interested in this sesion. Hopping this will be accepted, please share information so we submit a plan to avoid having two or more IP sessions at the same time and day.


Reply posted by Martin Haefele 4 years ago

Thanks for the encouragement.  I think I might propose a session and see what comes out of the woodworks. 

Reply posted by Peter Croal 4 years ago

Yes a good idea for sure...we need strong private sector input on this.

Reply posted by Murray Jones 4 years ago

Hi Martin


 Could be a useful session ... I woudl be particularly interested in how tha application of TK has improved projects and worked toward project acceptance.


Reply posted by Carine Durocher 4 years ago

Hi Martin,

This sounds like a good session idea. Although I could not provide direct exemple on how these Best Practices have been used, I feel there is many relevant exeperience in Canada in including Traditional Knowledge in IA that could be shared in Montreal in 2017.

Carine Durocher

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