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Branch meeting: Developments in UK EIA Practice - Climate Change, Proportionate Assessment, and Professional Competence

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Discussion started by Bridget John 10 months ago

The next WAB meeting will be 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 @ 3:00 pm

Room MC 10-300

World Bank Building
(note not at MIGA office this time!!!)
Entrance on 18th Street near intersection with Pennsylvania Avenue

Our speakers will include:

  • Josh Fothergill is the Policy Lead for: Impact Assessment and Circular Economy & Skills for Sustainability at IEMA and is also the Founder & Director of Fothergill Training & Consulting Ltd. He has led UK EIA practice for the last decade through his role at IEMA, a UK based not for profit environment and sustainability professional body, co-authoring 15 EIA related guides and briefings and running well over 150 workshops & webinars. Josh is currently leading a project, funded by an IAIA research grant, exploring how different national professional recognition schemes for individuals undertaking EIA operate around the world.
  • Jo Murphy is the National Technical Manager for the National Environmental Assessment Service (NEAS) in England's Environment Agency, as well as being CEO of Fothergill TC Ltd, and an Associate Academic at the University of Derby. Through this role, Jo sets the professional accreditation and training requirements for a team of ~80 IA professionals and acts as the highest level of advice on matters related to project and strategic IA within the Agency. In a voluntary capacity, she has been a member of IEMA's eight person Professional Standards Committee four years, including modernised the institution's professional grades to incorporate sustainability.

This session will examine how UK Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) practice is rising to three key challenges posed by the 2014 amendment to the EU's EIA Directive. It will focus on how UK practitioners are responding to the:

  1. Need for enhanced consideration of climate change in EIA;
  2. EU's combined challenge of improving quality and streamlining assessment; and
  3. Directive's new expectation that EIAs are undertaken by competent experts.

The first part of the session will focus on the consideration of climate change in UK EIA practice. It will review a series of short case examples setting out how the EIA's of flood and coastal risk management projects have considered climate change from the strategic to project level - including an overview of the Thames 2100 Strategy (protecting London from CC related flood impacts).

The second half of the session will examine how UK EIA practitioners are addressing two developing challenges in practice. The first presentation will discuss the obesity crisis in UK EIA practice, with a number of recent major infrastructure EIS reaching well over 25,000 pages. UK practitioners have been working with a range of stakeholders to develop a collaborative strategy to return the UK EIA system to delivering proportionate assessments. The presentation will discuss the recently launched UK strategy, July 2017, offering a perspective on solutions to what is becoming a growing challenge across global practice. The second presentation will explore how UK practice is adjusting to the new European Union Directive requirement that EIA is undertaken by competent experts. The presenters will reflect on how the EU and UK approaches may offer insight into the growing trend to see enhanced IA related competence around the world.

Discussion will follow.

Although advance registration is not required for visitor's entry to the World  Bank's office (please bring valid government issued ID), please RSVP by return email if you plan to attend so that we can prepare appropriately (and make sure we have sufficient refreshments!!!).  If you would like to participate, but cannot attend, let us know and you can connect via webex or phone.  

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We hope you will join us on Wednesday August 23rd !


Dave Blaha and Debra Zanewich

Co-Chairs, Washington Area Branch (WAB)

International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA)




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Reply posted by Franco DiGiovanni 10 months ago

Hi, very interested in the discussion topics, especially the competant experts isssue, but can't make the meeting.  Would like to connect via webex.


Regards, Franco DiGiovanni

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