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This section addresses indigenous issues in impact assessment, including developing guidelines for the recognition and full inclusion of indigenous concerns in all aspects of impact assessment, traditional knowledge, and impact assessment capacity building for indigenous people. The Aashukan Declaration was adopted by IAIA in 2017.

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IAIA19 Training Course: Socio-Economic Survey and Database Management in the Social Impact Assessment of Vulnerable Peop

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Discussion started by John Pilgrim 1 year ago

Registrations are invited for a two-day training course on "Socio-Economic Survey and Database Management in the Social Impact Assessment of Vulnerable Peoples" to be held on 28 and 29 April, 2019, preceding the 2019 Annual Conference of the International Association of Impact Assessment, at Brisbane, Australia. (  

The training course, which will be one of twelve preceding the IAIA 2019 Annual Conference, will provide training in cutting edge systems and methodology in the use of social science in social impact assessment of indigenous and other vulnerable people displaced by infrastructural development. 

A specific purpose of the course is that of equipping development and safeguard agencies and specialists to manage research and survey for purposes of the resettlement and livelihoods restoration of vulnerable communities displaced by rural infrastructure and land use development.   Training, case study, and discussion will be conducted, especially in survey and database management in SIA, resettlement and livelihoods restoration and retention, designed to identify and retain and enhance the livelihoods and social systems of vulnerable people displaced by development projects, to avoid their impoverishment and to enable their participation in sustainable development. 

The two principal presenters, John Pilgrim, of the Royal University of Phnom Penh, and Susanna Price of ANU, are social scientists and associates of IAIA working over the past two decades with the Asian Development Bank, with other international development agencies, and with NGOs and governments to strengthen and manage SIA and social aspects of rural infrastructural and land use development and population displacement.  

The subject matter of the training which the course will draw on is recent work specifically directed to strengthening and testing the methodology and use of social science in SIA, including that on retention or restoration in the displacement of small upland ethnic minority villages by hydropower development in upper Mekong tributaries in southern Laos.   It will also be based on current global research and advances in other sectors and territories.  Participants will be encouraged to provide case studies from their experience in programmes and projects in which they are engaged, and to take part in the practice sessions which will form part of the course.

Trainees will be primarily intermediate and advanced practitioners with field experience. The session is intended to be understood by and useful to early and young practitioners but also to experienced professionals seeking exposure to innovative approaches and to strengthening their capability for critical appraisal of the impact of development on and the retention and restoration of livelihoods systems of indigenous and other vulnerable communities.  

For more details on the course and instructors, visit To download a registration form or register online, visit


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