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IAIA 19 Draft IA and CC Follow Up and Next Steps

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Date: April 15, 2019


Climate Change Next Steps Follow Up

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IA and climate change follow up and next steps: 2019

 Format: Roundtable

Convener(s):  Weston Fisher (chair), K. C. Lam, Peter Croal

IAIA Section: Climate Change

This roundtable will use the "IA and Climate Change Follow up and Next Steps 2019" document as the starting point for discussing accomplishments to date, recommendations made at IAIA 18 in Durban, and a suggested set of limited practical next steps and an action plan for the period May 2019 - April 2020. It will include a discussion of the relationship of the TClimate Change Section to the Theme of the Brisbane '19 Conference:  Evolution or Revolution: Where next for impact assessment? and how our Association and members might more effectively to respond to the challenges before us. The results of the roundtable will serve as the foundation for an updated "IA and Climate Change Follow-up and Next Steps" document.  Please note:  This document can be found on the IAIA Connect webpage at the Climate Change Section Resources site. 

It's recommended that readers review the draft in digital format so as to take advantage of the many links found in the footnotes to the narrative

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